Useful Tips When Buying Micro-plate Laboratory Products


When carrying out different applications for either research, pharmaceutical or clinical studies. we require to use different microplate products such as assay plates, filtration plates and storage plates, to analyze the results. Hospitals and other research institutions need to buy these products from organizations that are reputable, to get accurate results. For any hospital looking for these micro-plate products for their laboratory, they should consider the following factors before purchasing them.

There are many manufactures of micro-plate products, it is important to deal with a credible company. Ensure that the company has licensing from the relevant health and research board. Also, make sure they are a member of the medical research relevant board. A reputable company usually test their products before releasing them to the market for usage. They only make it available once they confirm it can meet the needs of their clients.

Secondly, there are different laboratory directories online which have reviews on different manufactures of medical products. Before you settle for a company, it is advisable to go through the reviews, most of these reviews are done by people in medical and scientific research fields. The reviews get detailed information on whether they were satisfied with a company’s products and if they would recommend them to other users. Reputable companies get positive reviews from their users. Learn more about science at

Another important factor to consider is if the manufacturer offers a variety of products. There are a wide variety of micro-plate products that are used in laboratories. Purchasing your products from the same manufacturer is important since they will come as a set. For example, filtration assay plates come in different forms such as glass fiber, polyethylene and many more. Buying different products from different manufactures can be expensive and may also involve a lot of procurement processes.

Cost is another factor to consider when looking for a manufacturer of lab supply products. Different companies charge differently for their products, it is important to ask for price quotation from different manufactures before settling for one. By doing this, you may end up saving on cost and getting to bargain.

With technology, most laboratory products keep on changing. Products used in the past years may not be very effective in carrying out different research procedures. Always go for a manufacturer that use the latest technology and innovation in making their micro-plates.

It is also important to go for a manufacturer that has been in the industry of making microplates for a number of years, at least more than 5 years.


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